Easy Business Dashboards

Key Insights from your Customers, Staff & Business Metrics. Web & Mobile Dashboards from different sources: Surveys, Sales & Research Data.

See these examples : Market Research or this Startup KPI Dashboard

“Quick mobile reports to impress your boss and peers!. I like how the tool classifies the data.”

 Parag Vaish, Director of Mobile, eBay

“Within a week we had a working model of getting key customer feedback and related data for different regions on the SecondPrism's mobile platform. This has empowered the field staff to take data driven actions which matter.”

  Ken Peterson , COO Ipsos Loyalty

“This partnership enables Thales to provide best-in-class survey and reporting capabilities to our customers that assists them with driving revenue through in-depth knowledge of the expectations of passengers”

  Dominique Giannoni, CEO of Thales’s In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (IFEC)

“We easily added a new dimension to our offering by getting SecondPrism to work with our live data stream and provide analytics on top of that. The concept to a value-added product took less than a month”

  Manu Chatterjee, CEO Metavana

Industry Verticals

We have fully integrated vertical solutions for 3 primary verticals. HealthCare - Patient Experience Solution, Apartment Complexes - Tenant Retention Solutions, Hospitality - Loyalty Solutions

All Mobile Platforms

Synchronize your data - and use the mobile platform to view interactive charts and data. All iOS (iPad, iPhone, iTouch) as well as support for Android tablets - Galaxy, Acer and Kindle Fire.

Customizable Dashboards

Theme your dashboard to meet your brand requirements